Quick and Painless (Handmade)

Quick and Painless cover
Quick and Painless cover

Quick and Painless (Handmade)


146 pages (Full Color)
5.75" x 7.75"
Hand-Sewn Binding
2-color Risograph Cover printed by Perfectly Acceptable
Handmade in limited quantity

Short comic stories, mostly about death. Collected works 2005-2015. Introduction by Rob Clough and featuring collaborations with Mark Ehling. Debuted at CAKE 2015.

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Quick and Painless: Short Stories mostly about death.

Collected Works 2005-2015.

  • Introduction by Rob Clough

  • I'm Not Stupid, You Know

  • Never Be First

  • Routine

  • At the End of an Action Movie

  • Covered in Confusion

  • What Will Come

  • A Fine Job on the Execution (with Mark Ehling)

  • A Cartoonist Receives a Negative Review Online

  • #15: Are You Often Impulsive In Your Behavior?

  • You're Not So Smart

  • The Old Guys (with Mark Ehling)

  • He-Fighter Wins

  • The Pressman

  • Progress

  • Is That The Time?

  • Wait a Minute!

  • Throne of Power

  • Reward Time

  • Wait

  • At the End of an Adventure Movie

  • Get Away From Me

  • A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Errand Service

  • We're Not Judging, Just Curious

  • Where Did Everyone Go?